Toasted Almonds Paris - "Amandes Grillées"


Apéro for creatives in Paris!

Toasted Almonds is about connecting the creative community in a constant effort to nurture relationships within the industry. We started in New York over five years ago and as the co-founders and their businesses are ever-growing, so is the Almonds. 

Now one of our own, Jason Gardner, is a photographer living in Paris, and has already been coordinating a number of creative meet-ups, where both expats and locals who are doing interesting and creative projects can meet each other.

Please visit the Facebook page for the next event or reach out to him via email.

Les Amandes Grillées est un espace accueillant pour grandir votre réseau, où les expatriés et les gens du pays qui font des projets intéressants et créatifs peuvent se rencontrer et échanger des idées.